Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been delivering important economic, environmental and health benefits to agriculture and communities for more than 40 years.  IPM Voice is a new, independent nonprofit corporation working to increase IPM adoption, awareness and support. 

Our mission is making IPM intelligible and valuable to the world including the public, the grower community and lawmakers. Our core purpose is to strengthen IPM communities by adding effective communication to the IPM toolbox.

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Why I Became a Member of IPM Voice, Harold Coble.

I became a member of IPM Voice because I believe that for IPM to survive as a strong, viable approach to pest management, we must have a champion - a champion willing to educate and provide documentation of our successes and needs to those in seats of authority. I believe IPM Voice can be that champion. Those of us involved on a day-to-day basis understand the importance of IPM, but we mostly take for granted that the public and our elected representatives understand that also - WRONG! We have seen what can happen to support programs for IPM when no one is standing up for us. More.