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June 2017 APLU Petitions for $200 Million Increased Funding for USDA-NIFA Programs in FY2018; Study Examines Effects of Landscape Characteristics on Insecticide Use; Open Access Guide to Stink Bug IPM Now Available

March 2017 $12.1 Million Available Through USDA-NIFA to Support Crop Protection and Pest Management; USDA Agricultural Research Service Investigates Hawaiian Tree Blight; Researchers Discover Insect-Pathogenic Mycoinsecticides are Activated and Enhanced by Mycoviruses; Greenhouse Growers Use Remote Sensing Technology to Optimize IPM

January 2017 Scientists Suggest Ten Policies to Protect Pollinators; Farmers Turn to Falcons to Deter Bird Pests; Anti-Fertility Rat Control Technology Earns EPA Approval

November 2016 UN Food & Agriculture Report Calls for Transformation of Agricultural Systems; Laser Fence Tested to Scare Away Rodent Crop Pests; Scientists Advise a Change in Weed Control Decision-Making

October 2016 Federal IPM Appropriations Status Update; New Study Analyzes Global Invasive Species Risk and Response Capacity; Researchers Create Interactive Pest-Mapping IT Tool for IPM Decision-Making; Beneficial Virus Commercialized as Biopesticide for Cotton Bollworm

September 2016 Researchers Call for Increase in Diverse Systems-Based Ag Funding; New Discovery May Lead to Novel Mosquito Repellents; Comet-Sniffing Tech Used to Detect Bed Bug Pheromones; 9th International IPM Symposium; Breaking IPM Funding Update

July 2016 Awareness Needed to Increase Preparedness for Tomato Leafminer; Bats and Owls Combat Pests and Protect Children From Pesticide Exposure in South Africa; Drones Diagnose Plant Health and Cut Insecticide Use

June 2016 New Study Quantifies High Costs of Imported Forest Pests; Scientists Use Peach Pit Chemistry to Develop Protective Seed Coating; New Experimental Device Uses Sound to Disrupt Citrus Psyllid's Mating

May 2016 Integrated Tick Management Symposium Highlights Need for Action on IPM for Tickborne Diseases; Snails Found to Select Sources of Food Based on Dislike for Smells, Could Open Door to Bio-Based Olfactory Repellents; Scientists Identify New Biocontrol Mechanism: Male-Killing Bacteria to Control Insects

April 2016 USDA Announces $4 Million in Grants for IPM; Researchers Explore Cultures, RNA Interference Techniques to Combat Citrus Greening Disease; New Biocontrol Mechanism Discovered: Beneficial Microbes Produce Phytohormones, Induce Plant Disease Resistance

March 2016 European Union-Funded Research-to-Market Partnership Provides a Unique Model for Development of Biologicals, Spider-Venom-Based Biopesticides Now Available, Fungal Biocontrol Attacks Wireworms in Potatoes & Helps Farmers Hamstrung by EU Moratorium

February 2016 Support Needed for Areawide IPM Bill, CRISPR Technology May Transform Genetic Engineering, New Experimental Method to Detect Lyme Disease

January 2016 Decline in Public Research Funding Prompts Senator's Call for Greater Investment, Microbial Seed Treatments on the Horizon, Bees Tapped as Beneficial Fungus Delivery Vehicles

December 2015 Congress Passes 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, MSU Researchers to Study Attract-and-Kill Methods for Fruit Pests, Jamaican Farmers Successfully Employ IPM Methods Against Beet Armyworm, Two Upcoming 2016 Conferences

November 2015 New Organic & IPM Working Group Whitepaper, Debate on Pesticide Regulation for CO Cannabis Growers, New Research on Value of Biological Control for Aphids in Cereal Crops, Dogs, Drones Used to Find Avocado Tree Disease, No News on Crop Protection and Pest Management Program

October 2015 IPM Voice Partners to Pursue Funding for a New Food Narrative, National IPM Coordinating Committee: Then and Now and Research on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Awarded Specialty Crop Grant Continuation

September 2015 Stopgap Appropriations Measure Expected, Likely to Impact IPM Funding, Study Shows Opportunity to Improve Extension Through Knowledge Networks, Integrated Pest and Weed Control Method, "Push-Pull", Featured in Grist and Study on Stink Bugs Aims to Improve IPM for Sweet Corn

August 2015 EPA Proposes New, Stricter Regulations for Restricted Use Pesticides, Western IPM Report Featured in National Trade Press and Breakthrough in Bee Biology Holds Potential for Bee Vaccines

July 2015 Senate Committee Approves Bill to Relocate IPM Funding in Smith Lever Line, Farmers Fly in to D.C. to Support Sustainable Ag Funding, Mosquitos Make Headlines and Egg Harvesting System Promises New Effectiveness for Lady Beetle Biological Control

June 2015 Yearly IR-4 Priority Setting Underway, will Culminate in September, New Policy and Research to Protect Pollinators, Group Investigates and Promotes Awareness of Pest Threats to Forests

May 2015 Perspectives on New Overhead Charges on IPM Funds, New Drone Regulations and Research Provide IPM Opportunities, Scientists Investigate Stink Bug Family Feud for Use in Biocontrol

April 2015 Implications of Consolidated IPM Funding Lines in Federal Budget, New York Times Covers Indian Program Promoting IPM, Study Finds that Habitats Rich in Species Deter Pesticide Resistance, Study Explores Potential Drawbacks to RNAi Technology Profiled in Last Newsletter

March 2015 EPA Proposes Increasing IPM to Combat Corn Rootworm Resistance, NBC Story Highlights IPM In Wake of New Findings of Bubonic Plague-Carrying Fleas, RNA Interference Proven an Effective Control for Colorado Potato Beetle

February 2015 President's 2016 Budget Proposes New Consolidated Food Safety Agency, Boosts Ag Research Funding, Diane Rehm Show Airs Program on IPM Solutions to Pesticide Resistance, Study Finds Cover Crops Improve Soil Health and Inhibit Pathogens

January, 2015 Groups Push to Increase Funding for Agricultural Research on Capitol Hill, NPR Reports on New Mosquito-Borne Virus in Central America and U.S., Highly Effective Bed Bug Lure Developed by Simon Fraser University Scientists

December, 2014 C-IPM European Research Network Aims to Improve IPM in Europe, Philadelphia City Council Creates Bed Bug Task Force for the New Year, Alkaloids from Poisonous Frogs Fight Fire Ants, Mosquitos

November, 2014 Pollinators, Pest Management and Public Policy, 3-D Printing: Decoy Bugs and Insect Traps, Fruit Fly Aroma Attractors Identified in Agricultural Research Service Study

October, 2014 First NIFA Crop Protection and Pest Management grant recipients, Great Stink Bug Count, IPM for extended season growing spaces.

September, 2014 Crop protection in 2015 budget, watershed contamination, National IPM Coordinating Committee.

August, 2014 Constraints to IPM adoption, University of Illinois's Green Shield Certification.

July, 2014 International Farmer Field School, Coordinated IPM in Europe, Potato Sustainability Initiative

June, 2014 Organic and IPM Working Group, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, IPM Voice Revisits Mission, Leadership and Funding

May, 2014 IPM in 2014 Farm Bill, IPM in Proposed 2015 Budgets, New IPM Voice Board Members

January, 2014 Special Call to Action! Future of IPM in the Farm Bill is at Stake!

December, 2013 No Farm Bill in 2013, School IPM on NPR, IPM Voice Accomplishments in 2013

November, 2013 Time Running out on Farm Bill, Resources for School IPM, IPM Roadmap Markup

September, 2013 House Returns to Farm Bill, Revised IPM Roadmap, IPM Appropriations Update

August 1, 2013 Farm Bill Update, IPM Authorization in Ag Appropriations, IPM Adopted in Indian Village

June 2013 IPM Centers Authorized in Senate Version of 2013 Farm Bill

April 2013
IPM in the President's Budget, Final IPM Budget for FY 2013

March 2013 Potential Impacts of Sequester and FY 2013 House and Senate Continuing Resolutions on IPM Funding

February 2013
IPM Voice Grower Group Survey,Opportunity for IPM in School Science Standards

January 2013 Farm Bill Update, IPM in the News, 8th International IPM Symposium Announcement

November 2012 Farm Bill Stalled, Collins Queries NIFA on Consolidation, Cuts to CA Research Funding

October 2012
Farm Bill Expiration, IPM Program Funding, Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

September 2012 Survey results, Farm Bill updates, Board of Directors letter of recommendations

August 2012 Farm Bill updates, the Childrens Health Task Force Act, and Outreach Survey

July 2012 Draft House Farm Bill Includes Threat to IPM Projects

June 2012
FY 2013 IPM Funding Levels Likely Close to 2012

June 2012
Farm Bill Offers Opportunities for IPM

May 2012 - Action Alert Future of IPM at Stake in the Farm Bill

May 2012 - Special Update
Authorization for Regional IPM Centers Included in Senate Farm Bill Markup

April 2012
FY 2013 Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill Released

March 2012 Last Minute Details for the Seventh International IPM Symposium

February 2012 Administration Proposes Major Reorganization of IPM Programs: Level
Funding Requested

January 2012 IPM Voice Proposes IPM Legislative Initiatives for 2012

December 2011 IPM Voice Calls On Broussard to Make AFRI IPM Friendly

November 2011 Final Spending Bill Supports IPM

October 2011
IPM Voice Visits Congressional Offices

September 2011
IPM Funding Declines Despite Successes

August 2011
IPM Voice Creating Educational Factsheets

July 2011 Why I became a member of IPM Voice, Harold Coble

June 2011 Congress Cuts Conservation Funding

May 2011 Add your Voice to the New Push for Progressive IPM!

April 2011 Section 406 Funding Partially Restored in 2011 Budget