IPM Voice Newsletter                                                                                                                        March 2013

Your Action Needed: Protect FY 2013 IPM Funding from Further Cuts

The House and Senate Committees on Appropriations have released their respective FY 2013 appropriations bills to fund the government for the remainder of 2013. The Senate Committee has proposed to cut most National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) programs by 7.61% from 2012 levels while providing a net $12.8 million increase to the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) with smaller increases to other NIFA accounts. The House, on the other hand, used the FY 2012 enacted budget levels as their starting point, maintained the 5.1% sequestration plus a proposed additional 0.0098% across-the-board cut.

Act today! The budget is expected to be finalized this week.

  • Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them not to cut IPM programs beyond the 5.1% proposed by the House. 
  • Point out that core IPM funding has declined by $8.5 million, or 33%, since 2000; over the same period, overall NIFA funding has increased 24%. With serious emerging pest threats like Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and Spotted Wing Drosophila, we need more IPM, not further cuts to programs in addition to the sequester-dictated cuts.   
  • Find your Senators here and your Representatives here

Table one shows the breakdown of IPM and IPM-related programs funding levels within the two bills. Note: budget numbers are estimated based on the Senate and House proposed cuts to programs. The House and Senate will likely need to convene a joint conference committee to reconcile differences between the two proposed bills.


Tabel 1. Budget Comparison, FY 2012 and proposed House and Senate FY 2013, dollars in millions.



FY 2012

House FY 2013

Senate FY 2013

Regional IPM Centers




Regional IPM Grants Program




Expert IPM Decision Support System




Pest Management Alternatives Program




Smith-Lever 3(d): Pest Management




Methyl Bromide Transitions Program









AFRI Overall




Entomological Society of America (ESA) Releases Science Policy Newsletter 
ESA has released the first edition of ESA Public Policy News, coinciding with a new collaboration with the American Institute of Biological Sciences to provide opportunities for ESA members to have a stronger voice in science policy. The newsletter seeks to inform entomologists about legislation and regulations that are affecting the field of entomology.
GrowingProduce.com Features IPM Videos  

GrowingProduce.com has added 24 IPM videos addressing specialty crop insect and disease pests. The collection includes spotted wing drosophila monitoring and IPM for powdery mildew, codling moth, apple scab, tomato late blight and others.

GrowingProduce.com is the digital location for content relevant to growers, consultants and others in the fruit, vegetable and citrus sectors. In addition to the IPM video series, the site features information from American Fruit Grower, American
Vegetable Grower, and Florida Grower magazines. Growing Produce is part of Meister Media Worldwide's Horticulture Group. 

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Thanks to all those that supported IPM Voice in 2012!  Remember to renew your IPM Voice membership for 2013 by March 31st! Or, join as a new member. Visit https://ipmvoice.org/join.htm for more information. 

IPM Voice Priorities for 2013 

As we enter another year working to expand IPM awareness, IPM Voice's current priorities include:
  • Developing new fact sheets for new chairs and members of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Agriculture on the importance of IPM for their constituents.
  • Renewing our effort to secure farm bill authorization for the USDA Regional IPM Centers.
  • Continuing to push for a national IPM coordinator in the USDA Deputy Secretary's office.
  • Reaching out to state and regional grower groups who want and need an advocate for IPM.

Upcoming IPM-Related Meetings and Conferences

April 7-10, 2013:  ESA Pacific Branch Annual Meeting, Stateline, Nevada

April 2-4, 2013: The 3rd Conference on Invasion Biology, Ecology, and Management. Lexington, Kentucky.

April 22-26, 2013: ISAA - International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals. Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

June 25-27, 2013: North American Invasive Plant Short Course (NAIPSC). North Platte, NE

July 13-17, 2013: Aquatic Plant Management Society Annual Meeting. San Antonio, Texas.

Mark your calendars: 8th International IPM Symposium, March 23-26, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah 

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