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IPM Voice September Newsletter

September 25,  2012

IPM Voice Survey Results 

Preliminary results are in from our survey.  Key findings include:

  • For IPM advocacy outside of the policy arena, the majority of respondents (61.5%) felt IPM Voice should target consumers and taxpayers for increased IPM awareness and appreciation.  The second highest target was facility managers (47.6%).  The most frequent write-in response was government officials, especially local.
  • A majority felt IPM Voice should target grower groups / growers for both increased IPM adoption (55.1%) and increased IPM Voice membership (72.2%).  The next highest targets were facility managers (45.6%) for adoption, and structural pest management professionals (60.6%) for membership.  The most frequent write-in answer for adoption was schools, and for membership was government officials.
  • Improving the "economic impact of IPM" (58.3%) and "environmental benefits of IPM" (59.4%) were identified as IPM Voice's most effective messages.  The most frequent write-in answer was sustainability.
  • The greatest number of respondents wanted IPM Voice to publish IPM success stories in popular media (66%) as a priority to increase support / adoption of IPM followed by creating a television special (48.5%).
  • Write-in answers for other effective strategies included: establishing partnerships with green builders and local/regional gardening groups, use of internet marketing and social media tools, and recruitment at landscaping and facilities conferences.
  • Membership status of respondents was split evenly between members and non-members.  Most cited reasons for non-membership were cost and lack of knowledge about IPM Voice.
108 individuals of the 562 who read last month's newsletter completed the survey, for a 19% response rate.  For more information, view the full report as of 09/18/12.  There's still time!  If you have not yet participated and would like to take the survey, please  click here.

IPM Voice Board of Directors Submits Input on Board of Agriculture Assembly Working Group Discussion Paper   

The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities Board on Agriculture Assembly, Budget and Advocacy Committee formed a working group to review the Integrated Crop Protection Program consolidation.  The group has drafted a discussion paper to provide support and address concerns. 


IPM Voice's directors have urged the working group to emphasize the need for additional funding to cover indirect costs that will be an inevitable result of the proposed consolidation.  IPM Voice also recommended that the discussion paper includes a call for the creation of a national IPM coordinator in the office of the Undersecretary of Agriculture to represent IPM at the federal level.  See the IPM Voice Board of Director's letter of recommendations here Read the draft discussion paper here.  

Farm Bill Updates 

Running Out of Time in the House

The House has cancelled their workweek in Washington, DC for October. They will return to Washington after the November elections, so it appears that the 2012 Farm Bill will not pass before the elections in November.

New England Environmental Literacy Summit Scheduled for October 26th 

New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) is sponsoring New England's first Environmental Literacy Summit. Join environmental educators and other leaders from throughout New England in this day-long event, hosted by the Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA).  


For those of you in New England, this could be a great opportunity to network about IPM education! For a sneak peak at some of the presenters, click here. See the NEEEA and MEEA websites for full program and registration information, coming soon.

The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) Releases Newest IPM Practice Manual  

UCANR recently published a second edition of IPM in Practice: Principles and Methods of Integrated Pest Management. This manual from the University of California Statewide IPM Program is a comprehensive, practical field guide for setting up and carrying out an IPM program in any type of crop or landscape. See the full press release or buy a copy of your own. 


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