Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been delivering important economic, environmental and health benefits to agriculture and communities for more than 40 years.  IPM Voice is a new, independent nonprofit corporation working to increase IPM adoption, awareness and support. 

Our mission is to advocate for integrated pest management (IPM) that is genuinely progressive and seeks continuous improvement of environmental, social and economic conditions through application of accepted scientific principles. We comprise diverse philosophies and approaches united to support a broad foundation upon which IPM will be strengthened and improved.

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9/24/14 September IPM Voice Newsletter Available.

The September issue of IPM Voice presents NIFA's 2015 Presidential Budget, a watershed contamination study released by the US Geological Survey, and an IPM Committee being held this week in Washington, D.C. For a full version, see our Newsletters page.

8/26/14 August IPM Voice Newsletter Available.

The August issue of IPM Voice discusses a new study showing the variety of constaints to IPM adoption in developed and developing countries, as well as the University of Illinois's University Housing achieving Green Shield Certification. For a full version, see our Newsletters page.

8/21/14 EPA Releases School IPM Best Practice Guide and Webinar Series.

Accompanying its new webinar series, Environmental Protection Agency released “Model Pesticide Safety and IPM Guidance Policy for School Districts.”  This document aids school districts wanting to adopt IPM-related policies and programs in their schools.  The document addresses pesticide safety and proactive pest management. The companion webinar series, which started August 20th, covers IPM as it relates to schools and mosquitos, ticks, outdoor pests, bed bugs, rodents and nuissance birds. Registration for these webinars found here.

8/20/14 Biopesticide Database Available from IR-4 Project.

IR-4 Project hosts an extensive database of biopesticides funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The database is searchable by crop, pest, state, organic approval, active ingredient and trade name.  It provides useful information such as the trade name, an image of the product label, EPA registration number, manufacturer name and contact, worker reentry times, pre-harvest intervals and more. The database can be found here.

8/6/14 Call for Abstracts for European IPM Conference.

The Congress on IPM Innovation in Europe will be held in Poznań, Poland on January 14-16, 2015.Organized by the Pure project and Poland's Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute, the Congress is accepting abstract submissions until September 15, 2014 and is currently open for registration. For details on location, registration and lodging, see the 3rd Circular.

7/30/14 July IPM Voice Newsletter Available.

The July issue of IPM Voice discusses the FAO's Farmer Field School bringing IPM practices to the developing world, the new Coordinated IPM program networking the member states of the EU, and the Potato Sustainability Initiative's positive influence on potato production. For a full version, see our Newsletters page.

7/24/14 European Union Launches Coordinated IPM Program.

As of May 2014, the European Union is funding a research coordination project, named Coordinated IPM (C-IPM), to help 21 European countries and 32 organizations develop policies and research strategies regarding IPM. The EU has granted almost $3.5 million (~ € 2.5 million) to help agricultural ministries and research institutions collaborate research efforts and boost extension through such channels as a new exchange forum and by linking existing initiatives. Visit to learn more and be sure to view their July issue of the C-IPM Newsletter.

7/8/14 June IPM Voice Newsletter Available.

The June issue of IPM Voice discusses the Organic and IPM Working Group, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and the IPM Voice Board of Directors revisiting its mission, leadership and funding. For a full version, see our Newsletters page.

12/2/13 Solicitation for Comments: Notice of Intent to Prepare a Supplemental Programmatic EIS on the CRP.

The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) of the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the intent to complete a Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement assessing the environmental impacts of potential changes to the Conservation Reserve Program and is seeking public comment. The text of the CCC notice is available here. Submissions are due January 13, 2014.

11/27/13 Comparison of Revised 2013 National IPM Roadmap Available.

In October, a revised version of the National IPM Roadmap was released. IPM Voice reported on the new version in our September Newsletter. The 2013 Roadmap with changes marked from 2004 is now available to view here.

10/31/13 USDA Gathers #MyFarmBill Stories.

Growers, ag supporters, and individuals can share what the passage of a comprehensive Food, Farm and Jobs Bill means to them on the official USDA Blog. The blog features stories from North Dakota ranchers devastated by the recent blizzard who are without disaster assistance programs. Share your story today.

10/14/13 Revised National IPM Roadmap Released.

The 2013 IPM Roadmap is now available. The Roadmap outlines goals and future directions for IPM in agricultural, residential, and recreational environments. It is intended to guide the direction of IPM research, education, and implementation efforts, with specific priorities and performance measures. Read and learn more about the 2013 IPM Roadmap here.

10/4/13 IR-4 Call for 2013 Biopesticide and Organic Support Grant Proposals, Due October 21.

Special attention will be paid to proposals on biopesticides as resistance management tools rotated with conventional products. Total funding available is $400,000 and most successful grants in the past have ranged from $5,000 to $25,000. Download more information and applications here.

9/25/13 Position Announcement: IPM Communications Coordinator With University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Department. Applications due October 27.

Lead development of a vision for centralized UC IPM communications and products that support the vision and mission of the IPM Program. Learn more and apply here.

9/23/13 Position Announcement: Western IPM Center Seeks Associate Director, Applications Due October 15.

This position is responsible for administration of the Western IPM Center budget and management and coordination of a competitive grant program. Learn more and apply here.

9/16/13 2014 Women in Agriculture Educators National Conference to be held April 2-3, 2014 in Indianapolis.

The 2014 Women in Agriculture Educators National Conference will be held at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre with a pre-conference seminar on April 1. More information on the conference can be found here .

9/11/13 Entomological Foundation Announces 2013 Integrated Pest Management Award, Names Bt Crop Risk Assessment Research Team.

This week the Entomological Foundation awarded its annual Integrated Pest Management Team Award to the Risk Assessment of Bt Plants on Beneficial Non-target Arthropods (NTA) IPM Team, including Jörg Romeis (Agroscope, Switzerland), Anthony M. Shelton (Cornell University), Steven E. Naranjo (USDA-ARS), Richard L. Hellmich (USDA-ARS), Morven A. McLean (Center for Environmental Risk Assessment, USA), Alan Raybould (Syngenta, UK), Marco P. Candolfi (Innovative Environmental Services, Switzerland), Jian J. Duan (USDA-ARS), Joseph E. Huesing (USAID/BFS), and Raymond J. Layton (Pioneer Hi-Bred, USA). More information on the team's research and findings and the award can be found on the Entomological Foundation website.

9/10/13 EPA Seeks Comments on Federal Bed Bug Strategy.

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a request . for public input for a drafted federal strategy on bed bugs. The strategy, which was compiled by The Federal Bed Bug Work Group, is availabable here and includes five priority areas, one of which is Surveillance and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Comment submissions will be accepted until September 18, 2013.

9/10/13 The Pest Management Centre at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Posts Completed 2013 Pesticide Risk Reduction Projects..

Several projects focused on IPM strategies in a variety of crops. For complete summaries of these projects, please visit The PMC Website .

6/24/13 Benefits of IPM Highlighted in Press Piece on Rutgers University Extension.

The Asbury Park Press recently featured an article on the Rutgers University Cooperative Extension's IPM program. The piece includes a clear explanation of IPM and examples of how IPM helps New Jersey farmers protect their crops and reduce pesticide applications. Read it here !

6/19/13 Crop Protection Program in FY 2014 House Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

The House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee has approved the FY 2014 Agriculture Appropriations bill which provides funding for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and other agencies. The Subcommittee restored many NIFA accounts that were reduced by the FY 2013 sequester (across-the-board budget cuts) and agreed to the proposal within the President's FY 2014 budget request to consolidate several core IPM programs in one funding line.

Why I Became a Member of IPM Voice, Harold Coble.

I became a member of IPM Voice because I believe that for IPM to survive as a strong, viable approach to pest management, we must have a champion - a champion willing to educate and provide documentation of our successes and needs to those in seats of authority. I believe IPM Voice can be that champion. Those of us involved on a day-to-day basis understand the importance of IPM, but we mostly take for granted that the public and our elected representatives understand that also - WRONG! We have seen what can happen to support programs for IPM when no one is standing up for us. More.